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The Heavens

The Universe. Illustration copyrighted. Click here.Has the origin of the solar system been determined? 答案

Click here.Was there a big bang? 答案

Click here.How are star distances measured? 答案

Click here.Do stars evolve? 答案

Click here.Do new stars form today? 答案

Click here.Have scientists discovered the moon’s origin? 答案

Click here.How can light get to us from stars which are millions of light years away in a universe which the Bible claims is only thousands of years old? 答案
Interesting explanations are reviewed in this discussion on how science and the Bible may correspond to one another.

Click here.Is every star different? 答案

Click here.How many stars are known to exist? 答案

Click here.What is the Death Star? 答案

Click here.Is heaven located in the northern sky? 答案

Click here.Is the gospel spelled out in the stars? 答案
The 19th century brought forth the popularized notion that the gospel is outlined in the heavens above us. What is the truth about the gospel in the stars?

Click here.What was the Star of Bethlehem? 答案
Three theories to explain what the Christmas Star may really be.

Bible and Astronomy

Click here.GALILEO - What is the lesson that Christians should learn from him? 答案
Galileo was persecuted by the 17th century church for holding scientific views we now know were true. Are today’s religious authorities persecuting scientists for simply pursuing truth?

Click here.GALILEO - What were his real scientific and biblical conflicts with the Church? 答案
Many do not know the truth about the famous conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and this man of science and man of God.

Click here.What’s the explanation for the “long days” of Joshua and Hezekiah? 答案
Skeptics continually balk at the notion that the “earth stood still” for Joshua, or that time ran backwards for Hezekiah. What’s the answer to this “scientific impossibility”?

Click here.What’s wrong with studying astrology? 答案


Alien. Illustration copyrighted. Click here.Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe? 答案
Many Christians have, like the world, become captivated with the idea of life on other planets. But what does the Bible seem to indicate?

Click here.Did a “Martian” meteorite prove the existence of ET? 答案

Click here.What does the Bible say about intelligent life on other planets? 答案

Were the nephilim (sons of God) of Genesis 6:4 extraterrestrials? 答案

Does Scripture refer to life in space? 答案

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